Monday, May 15, 2006

Inside Obstacle Course

Hey Gals,

Just checking in with you to remind you about a few things.
Firstly after so much wait my new e-book Meaningful Play: Fun
Filled Activities To Maximize Your Toddler's Potential is
almost here!

Today I have posted some pages directly from the book
so you can have something cool to play with your toddler
today and at the same see how the e-book is designed to
make it the easiest to use and most informative mini
resource you will find.

Ok here's the first activity!

Inside Obstacle Course
1. Wastebaskets
2. Laundry hamper
3. Ottoman
4. Other household objects with no sharp corners

Age: 18 to 36 months
Where: Inside
1. Arrange the household items in a random, zigzagging pattern, leaving plenty of room for your toddler to safely navigate through them.
2. Show your toddler how to work his way through the obstacle course.
3. Let him try to go through the obstacle course without bumping into any of the obstacles.

Development Skills

Gross Motor Skills – walking, crawling, hopping, jumping, running, climbing, etc

Social/Emotional Skills – turn taking

Pre-Reading Skills – sequencing (which obstacle to do first)

Hope you enjoy!

Sarah Ashley